Beauty Director


When I'm asked, what exactly is a Beauty Director? This is a fair question. That's probably what I love the most about my job title, it allows for great conversation! 

My job encompasses all the behind the scenes work that goes into styling a priceless photo. I see those in between moments and enhance the nuances that create the show. Ensuring your dress has been perfected, deliver confidence that your makeup and hair is timeless, and providing countless options for years to come. How you felt the day of your wedding is what you'll hold onto & these memories will last forever. It's my job to provide peace of mind, support, and reassurance that your once in a lifetime moment is documented with perfection. 

I'm a makeup artist, hair stylist, artistic and creative director curating Beauty Director. I see the big picture and can execute your needs with precision and finesse. With 12+ years of experience in the fashion industry, I bring my knowledge from fashion shows, cosmetic companies, reality tv, tv productions and weddings to you. I'm a problem solver even when I don't have a makeup brush in my hand--I'm a rock climber, self-made chef, creator, entrepreneur, and lover of life. I believe that the power of being unique in this world is what drives conversation and empowers others to embrace their beauty, and that is what I hope to capture for you.

Xoxo Naomi

Based out Boulder Colorado but loves to travel


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