Capturing the Moment

  Life is truly about the journey, not the final destination. We learn along the way, explore new avenues, make mistakes, hit some false summits and begin to seek to learn more about ourselves.  This is true in all aspects of life, relationships, careers, hobbies, and photo shoots. Stay humble, be vulnerable, and not taking life too seriously will grantee a road less traveled, however, that's what makes it so extremely special. Capturing the moment is to stay present and remember that you won't get this time back, so live fully and embrace your passion. 

Whenever you are in front of a camera, speaking to a crowd of strangers, meeting someone new, or even just getting outside your comfort zone... lean into the discomfort. This is where you will find that glow from within. 

Branchizio Family : Maternity Shoot

    When I started styling this shoot, I knew couple key points that would be incorporated without a doubt. First and foremost, the view from Lost Gulch was the most captivating translations for the Branchizio family. This growing family of four has a future to look forward to that is just has breathing taking as the views of The Rockies.  They're rock climbers, adventurers, engineers, and when I first met them, I thought they were supermodels as a side job. My goal was to make a fairy tale moment, create a scene that allowed the parents to escape back to one day when the kids were all grown up. 

   Styling this shoot was all about keeping it timeless, simple and staying true to exactly who they are as a family. Jess is powerful in her subtilities, her eyes stole the show, her hair created the effortless feeling, and the dress put together the goddess-like moment for the shoot. Andre dressed in exactly what he wore the day he said: "I do."  And the little man Leo, smiled the entire time while he was feeding off the love from mom and dad. They told their inside jokes to create extra laughs, example? Leo " what happens to your food after your done eat?" Leo laughing answers " POOP" and just like that... the magic of this shoot begins.

  The final key to final key point to styling this maternity shoot, saving the best for last. . . I knew I needed to book Mary Meck to capture the lighting and movement I was aiming for. Her style fits this family and theme perfectly, it was crucial to have a photographer that was able to work with those in-between moments. Her artistry behind the lens is like watching a true artist sculpt their masterpiece with ease and grace. 

Vera Branchizio due date June 24th, 2018